Importance of Bees

Bee IllustrationMany people are afraid of bees. What these people do not know is that bees are fascinating insects. There are many scientific facts about bees that make them a truly magnificent creature.
There are over 20,000 different specifies of bees that are found on the planet Earth. Out of all of these specific there is only one type of bee that is able to produce honey. The honeybee is the type of bees that can make honey. The system they use for honey production is well organized and highly developed. Just visit and you will be sure of it.

The honeybee have divided their workforce into three different types of workers. There is the Queen Bee. She is in charge of the beehive and does not have to work. Her job is to help reproduce and she spends her life laying eggs. The worker bees are there to build cells in the beehive for the baby bees to live. They are assigned to care for the babies and make sure they get enough food and nutrients. In addition to caring for the young bees they have to go to flower and collect pollen. When the worker bees return to the hive they have to turn that pollen into honey. The worker bees are the other females in the hive besides the Queen. The drone bees are always males. They have to mate with the queen and that is their one and only job. Once the drones have mated they are regarded as useless in the hive. The workers do not give them any food and often the drones starve. The workers need to focus their energy on bees that will contribute to the well being of the hive and at this point the drones are not.
It is up to the worker bees to decide which of the eggs are selected to be queens. The eggs that are selected are given the royal jelly which is the type of honey that is very high in nutrients. This will turn the average bee larvae into a royal egg.

The honeybees also have important jobs that help humans. They are able to pollinate crops including apples, watermelon, and pumpkin. Without the help of these bees the crops would not be able to grow. The bees also provide honey to humans which can be used in cooking and even in medicine to help soothe a sore throat. These honeybees are very useful to the human world.